In February, the United States government froze the bank accounts of the Liberian Embassy in Washington DC along with forty-nine embassies, 30 from Africa and 20 coming from outside of Africa.

The Deputy Chief of Mission at the Liberian Embassy in Washington DC, Edwin Sele, confirmed at the time that the country and forty-nine other foreign embassies bank accounts were frozen by the United States government.

The Deputy Chief of Mission said the freezing of the Liberian embassys bank account was not only unique to Liberia, adding that it is a broader action taken by the United States government against countries with huge influx of money into their embassies account with excessive expenditure which the United States government cannot track; how and for what money expended for and who receiving it.

Meanwhile, in an effort to expedite support for the fight against Ebola, the Embassy of Liberia in Washington, DC has established a bank account at PNC Bank. The account is titled: Embassy of Liberia Ebola Account. Account Number: 8628908109. Routing Number: 031000053.

A piece of information posted to the embassy web page indicated that those wishing to make donation should deposit directly at a PNC bank or branch. It said that cash deposit or check payable should be made to The Embassy of Liberia Ebola Account as mentioned above.

Already, the Government of Liberia has established the Ebola Trust Fund at the Central Bank of Liberia. Interested individuals are asked to make contribution(s) through the account number below. The account number is as follows: 022530000215.