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Bar Promotion Toolkit

180 Page Spiral Bound Promotion Manual with 180 in-depth strategies for filling your bar every day of the year.

Audio CD with great interviews showing you how to deploy the Fill Your Bar Formula to reach capacity in your Bar.

DVD Toolkit with Promotion Cost Calculators, Planning Templates, Press Contact List & More.

Instant Access to Online Promotion Toolkit with Video Tutorials that will fast track you setting up Twitter & Facebook for maximum results.

100 Bonus Promotional Ideas to Fill Your Bar every day of the year.

26 Ways to Get Your Customers to Become your Online Fan


180 Strategies for filling your bar every day of the year!

Shipped to your door, this 180 page Spiral Bound "Bar Bible" will allow you to copy the most successful bar promotions used by the more than 100 successful businesses we researched for this toolkit.

Each Strategy comes complete with a list of the tools needed to run it, an indicator of the level of difficulty and a strategy to grow your community and build traction with that promotion.


Sample Promotional Strategies included in the Manual:

Celebrity Bartending
Local Event Nights
Salsa Lessons Night
Go Barefoot Day
Beer Wine Tasting
Speciality Coffee Tastings
Meet-a-Mate Promotion
National Martini Day
Mardi-Gras Party
International No-Diet Day
National Rum Punch Day
American Beer Day
Bosses Day
Murder Mystery Night
Chocolate Night
Social Media Night
Roman Night


Pucker up Party
Graffiti Night
Mini Music Festival
Live Video Feed Contest
In the Biz
Pajama Party
Your Bar's Birthday Celebration
Harry Potter Themed Night
Host a Live Local Radio Station Show
Host an after-party
99 Bottles of Beer
Football Game Balloon Drop
Lottery Night
Create a Cocktail Club
Bar Stimulus Package
High Rollers Club
Chaos Never Dies Day

and 100s more, plus.....


3 Exclusive Online Video Tutorials

Watch from any computer

Instant Access

How to create a killer Facebook Fan Page for your Bar

In this video tutorial, I will show you how to setup a Facebook Fan Page, what customization you'll want to do for maximum impact and examine case studies of bars currently using Fan Pages for different uses.

How to use Twitter to build Community in your Bar Business

You can't move these days without hearing something about Twitter. That's because it works! In this tutorial, I'll show you some tips and tricks for growing your business and community using Twitter including how to use Twitter for promotions and how to stay abreast of mentions of your business on Twitter.

26 Ways to Get Your Customers to Join Your Online Communities

In this video, I talk about how important it is to get your customers to join your online communities. Not only does this allow you to reduce the cost of acquiring a new customer, but it also allows you to build relationships that will carry into your business offline.



30 Page Guide & Introduction to the
Social Network

Instant Download




Contents include:

What is Twitter?
How does it Work?
Who Uses Twitter?
Why Twitter Works for Marketers
How to Get Started with Twitter
Setting up an Account
Answering the Ever Popular Question, “What Are You Doing?”
Replies & Direct Messaging
Retweeting (RT)
How to Find People to Follow & Get Followers Too
Mistakes to Avoid with Twitter
Additional Tools to Make Twitter Use Easier
50 Bars & Restaurant Profiles on Twitter
Appendix/Additional Twitter Resources

How I used the Fill Your Bar Formula to grow my Bar & Restaurant Business

Joe Sorge is the founder of AJ Bombers Restaurant & Bar in Milwaukee. In the past 12 months, Joe has taken his bar and restaurant concept from a break-even standpoint to many multiples of break-even by applying the various elements of the Fill Your Bar Formula.

I interviewed Joe for an hour about this achievement and learned some valuable lessons myself about how to get your customers to be your biggest marketing machine.

I think the tips in this interview will astound you! Don't say I didn't warn you!

How to get 30,000+ search results on Google with a Twitter Promotion

Interview with Mike Snedegar, Head of Entertainment Marketing for TAO Nightclub, Las Vegas

TAO Nightclub is the largest grossing nightclub in the United States with revenues of $60 Million a year and is the most frequented nightclub by the hottest celebrities and socialites!

With an equally impressive marketing budget, you will be amazed to hear about one recent promotion that generated 30,000+ search results on Google, got the nightclub on every TV channel in the city, added 1000s of customers to their fan base and even more amazing is that ANY bar can do it, irrespective of their size or budget.


Instant Download

Monthly Promotion Planning Worksheet

Use this bar promotion planning worksheet to assign the tasks to relevant staff members in advance of the promotion. Also use this worksheet to track the costs of the promotion against your projected budget.

Instant Download

Press Contact List

Use this press contact list to have a ready to hand list of press contacts to share your all-important promotions with. Use it to share advance notice of your promotions as well as details of the promotion afterward.

Guide to Planning & Owning a Successful Bar Business

This exclusive 23 page booklet shows you how to plan for business success with a bar business template and instructions on each of the following sections:

1. Executive Summary
2. Table Of Contents
3. Business / Concept Description
4. Target Markets
5. Situation Analysis
6. Objectives & Goals
7. Competitive Advantages
8. Marketing Strategy
9. Marketing Tactics
10. Schedules & Budgets
11. Financial Information / Forecasts


100 Bonus Promotional Ideas for your Bar

Instantly downloadable, this bonus booklet will give you even more ideas about how to fill your bar using proven, tried and tested promotions.

Our little gift to you!


The Complete Bar Promotion Toolkit

If you have days in your bar with empty seats, don't you owe it to yourself and your business to fill them? This toolkit is the sum of the best promotions, most effective methods and strategies used by the most successful bar owners in the business.

All you need is 1 Successful Promotion to recoup your investment


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